Welcome to the Social Cognitive Development Lab at Western Washington University!

We study children of different ages to understand the development of social cognition, or, the way children learn and reason about their social worlds. The big question we address in our research is how children generalize information acquired from their experiences with individuals to groups of people? We also study children’s understanding of complex social behavior, including social norms, and children’s perceptions of social groups. If you are a parent who is interested in having your child participate in our research studies, please click the  Participation and Sign-up links above.                                                                                          

The Social Cognitive Development Lab is directed by Dr. Annie Riggs. Link to current CV here

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  • wwuscdlab@gmail.com or anne.riggs@wwu.edu
  • (360) 650-3940
  • We are located on the first floor of the Academic Instructional Center East (AI)